Perfomance Underwear - Features of Stego Pouch Version

The patented “Stego Pouch” design is perfectly formed to fit the male anatomy.

The 3D construction with a breathable U-shaped panel, is like a super soft pouch that keeps a man's
assets comfy and secure to advoid bumping.

This internal tech provides full natural support, allows to move freely, keeps skin cool to prevent sweaty crotch for all-day protection.

  • As the U-shaped panel creates a permanent divide between a man's private parts and thighs. This helps avoid bumping and prevents sweat to interfere with your active performance.

  • The motion “pumping” of roomy space enhance the breathability.

  • Trunk: French style gives better breathablity under pants and jeans.

    Boxer: Base layer of running shorts give support sround hips, glutes, thighs and hamstrings.

  • William

    Perfect! As a longtime runner, these boxer briefs have been my favorite, thanks to their high level of support that doesn't chafe or hold moisture.

  • Tom

    The trunks fit well, feel comfortable,
    breathable and look great. Hiking is my weekly routine. The full back coverage design avoids the waistband sliding down while I am in motion.

  • Alan

    Nice touch !  Microperforated fabric helps refresh.  So beautiful 3D pouch design! It provides plenty of support that's my budget favorite.